Our Tea Selection

Whatever the kind, white, green, oolong or black, all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Download

It is simply the way the plucked leaves are processed, that changes its character, chemical composition and appearance.


Black Tea

Caramel Cream Flavoured Black Tea
Enjoy the delicious melt in the mouth taste of butterscotch blended with the natural flavour of creamy caramel, a hint of vanilla and premium Ceylon black tea. A superb tea blend that can be enjoyed anytime, Caramel Cream is a favourite with many as an after dinner tea and works well with milk and sugar if desired.
TASTE: Wonderful, creamy smooth, caramel and vanilla taste

Russian Caravan Black Tea Blend
Russian Caravan is a tea steeped in history! Following the Silk road traditions, we've combined an Assam a Lapsang Souchong (to give that smokey hint of the camp fires) and a light, bright Ceylon tea. We think this tea is worthy to be carried by any camel, but hopefully we'll get yours to you a little faster!
TASTE: Flavoursome with wonderful smokey overtones

 Mim TGFOP1 2nd Flush Darjeeling
Tea Mim is grown in the Darjeeling area of Northern India. At such high altitudes, the tea bushes grow slowly and so production is limited, and thus these teas attract a higher value. Plucked during June when the 2nd flush growing season is at its peak, this Mim tea offers excellent body with the classic muscatel flavour that tastes simply wonderful.
TASTE: Good body with classic muscatel character

Duchess Earl Grey Tea

Dried lemon peels and orange pieces add a citrus twist to the traditional Earl Grey Tea making it a fantastic alternative to savour and enjoy. High quality tea is used providing a wonderful piquant flavour that when combined with a quality bergamot oil and citrus flavours has a full bodied finish. Beautifully refreshing and certainly one we think the Duchess would have approved of.
TASTE: Excellent Earl Grey taste accented with piquant lemon

Classic Royal
Classic Royal Blend certainly lives up to its name. A tea at home in any Royal Household. Full bodied with a wonderful depth of flavour, Classic Royal harnesses toasty notes from the Darjeeling, true malty flavour from the Assam and a bright, lively flavour from the premium Ceylon tea
TASTE: Full bodied with malty, lively and toasty flavour

Bukhial TGFOP Assam Tea

Grown on the south side of the Brahmaputra River near the
remote region of Nagaland, Bukhial TGFOP Assam is a
premium tea with a traditional leaf style. As rainfall is lower in this area, the bushes grow more slowly yielding outstanding crops that have all the flavour and strength you would expect from a top Assam tea estate.
TASTE: Rich, strong and flavoursome cup.

English Breakfast Tea
A perfect breakfast tea that really will brighten your morning. Typically full bodied with 'get up and go' flavour that is
especially enticing with a dash of milk..... ermm and...bacon and eggs, cereal, bagels or whatever else you might choose to start your day!
TASTE: Full bodied, enticing with milk

Green Tea

Jasmin Blossom Green tea
The wonderful Jasmine floral bouquet from this green tea is matched only by the taste. A high quality base tea and the finest Jasmine blossoms, which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma, combine to produce a tea with body and a refreshing finish
TASTE: Surprising body with a floral taste and refreshing finish.

Japan Sencha Green Tea
Enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of this premium Sencha produced in traditional Japanese style. Commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, sencha leaves have a distinctive glossy look and feel that provide a rich and full flavour. TASTE: Smooth with a reasonable depth and body


Peppermint Herbal Tea

Outstanding peppermint leaves from the best cut of the season that produce a cool and pungent cup of tea bursting with minty flavour. Peppermint tea is a really refreshing drink, totally caffeine free that tastes just as good hot or cold, especially after meals. TASTE: Pungent, cool fresh, menthol taste

Delicious Berry Fruit Tea

Wow! This incredible fruit and herb tea tastes fantastic and is so refreshing. The combination of hibiscus, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a truly delicious berry fruit tea. Drink it hot or as an ice tea, either way you'll have a cuppa that's great tasting and healthy too!
: Fruity, slightly tart flavour with a mellow smoothness and natural sweetness.

Kuchipudi Masala Chai Tea

Take a sip and South Indian spices dance across your palate enhanced by this full bodied tea. Cardamom and ginger play a lively part in our Masala Chai which is superb with milk and sugar.
Full bodied masala spiced tea with cardamom and ginger finish

Camomile And Mint Herbal Tea

The essential oils from our Egyptian camomile flowers produce a smoothing, pleasant aroma highlighted by a fruity character. Add the best peppermint leaves to bring out wonderful mint highlights and you have a a wonderful caffeine free herbal tea. Refreshing and soothing ideal for anytime of day.
Full flavoured with fruity character and mint highlights.